Tuesday, February 19, 2030


Hello, my name is Marc and I will try to teach you the basics of C# (pronounced C Sharp) using Visual Studio 2010 by creating easy-to-understand tutorials and by putting a link to every project's source code at the end of each tutorial's page. For most of the tutorials I will use .NET Framework 2.0, but sometimes I will use other .NET Framework versions to show components such as LINQ.

The reason why I choose C# is because it is easy to learn thanks to the .NET Framework and the integrated development environment (IDE) Visual Studio. I started off with Visual Basic which might look like an easy start, because the language looks more like the English language instead of a cryptic programming language. This turned out badly for me when I had to program in PHP which required the oh-so-fun ; sign. I kept forgetting to use the ; sign in PHP and when I switched back to Visual Basic I kept using the ; sign when it obviously wasn't needed in that programming language and it would only generate errors. To make a long story short, in my opinion it's better to start with a cryptic programming language to avoid problems later.

Your first question will probably be: "Why is your blogspot URL so damn long?". This is because the first thing I learned about C# is that it was greatly influenced by C++ and that it was so good they wanted to call it C++++. The name was too long so they combined the four plusses to the # sign. That's the one thing that has stayed with me for so long that I decided to use it.

The best tutorials are mostly written by the people that recently learned the subject, because they remember exactly where they had trouble with and where they had no trouble with. Unfortunately I didn't know that at the time I started learning C#, so I didn't put any effort in trying to memorise my problems. This is why your help is needed in order to make the tutorials as easy as possible by sending feedback to my email: cplusplusplusplustutorials@hotmail.com.

Hopefully my tutorials will be of any use to you and I wish you good luck!

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